Thursday, February 12, 2009

Introducing Baby Ethan

Team Redd proudly presents our latest addition:

Ethan, taking a well-deserved snooze

Ethan was born Wednesday afternoon at 3:56. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 11 oz (!) and measured 21 inches. As an answer to many, many prayers, Ethan came on his own -- a repeat c-section was not required. Yay! Mom and baby are recovering well. Big brother Jacob is still sizing up the new arrival. More to follow.


Monday, February 09, 2009

The Good, the Bad...and the Expectant

In case you were wondering, yes, we're still waiting on Jacob's little brother to arrive. We're praying for mommy to go into labor SOOON.

Here's a (not-so) brief re-cap of what's up in the Team Redd abode these days.

The Good:

  • Gaines did extremely well on his last semester's graduate school classes, and last week he started back for the spring semester, taking Systematic Theology and Hebrew II. And he's really enjoyed all of his classes so far. I just want to mention how awesome he is -- working to take care of us AND going to school at night! He's the best husband and daddy I know.

  • Jacob has been potty training himself (pretty much--we just let the opportunities present themselves)! On Friday, he went pee-pee in the potty TWICE in one evening, and on Saturday afternoon he told Gaines "I need to go potty" and actually went poopy! We are hoping he doesn't regress too much once his little brother arrives, because having only one in diapers would be NICE.

  • Though I'm past my due date and still pregnant, I was glad to be able to attend my good friend Chandra's baby shower on Saturday. I've never had so much fun watching someone else open presents-- she is a hoot, her comments were hilarious, and she even planned poses for the required "gift pics." We are so excited for her and Kennan and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little girl (she's due on Chandra's birthday, but I'm hoping for her to be one day late and come on mine, June 18th!) ;)

  • All this nesting has been good for me! Barring unforseen happy surprises, I hope to post pictures of a recent art project I worked on for Jacob's bathroom. I also got the nerve up to cut Jacob's hair last week, and I think it turned out quite well. The perfectionist in me keeps seeing places I need to correct, but I've gotten a few compliments on his haircut already so perhaps it's fine the way it is. I *think* I have some photos on my camera that will suffice for before/after shots. I need to download those before his little brother arrives!

    The Bad:

  • Jacob has had a little cough/runny nose combo for a while, but over the weekend he kept running a fever and waking up all throughout the night and during his naps. We visited the doctor today and found out he has an ear infection in his right ear, which I think I suspected. He kept saying his teeth hurt all weekend, but he was acting so whiny and lethargic, so unlike himself, that I knew something else must be wrong. He's on antibiotics for 10 days. Poor kid: he's getting over an ear infection and getting a new little brother all in the same week!

  • Just a few days ago I was semi-bragging that although I've had experience with cabins-full of sick campers, I'd never actually seen my son throw up or had to deal with the aftermath. Well, today, after I gave Jacob his first dose of Amoxil, he threw up in his crib and woke up in a puddle of everything he'd eaten today (which wasn't much, but it smelled horrible.) The pitiful little sweetie said "I made a mess!" when I walked into his room, and I quickly got him out of his crib and clothes and into the bathtub. He was so concerned that he "made a mess" that I had to reassure him that it happens to all of us. And, of course, that "Mommy will clean it up." The clean-up part didn't bother me too much, it was his reaction to the whole experience that hurt more. That must be so scary for a little kid! And now giving him his medicine is going to be quite a chore, since I think he realizes it made him sick. :(

  • We have an apartment event scheduled for this Friday evening, a Jazz Night, which was the particular request of our manager. She was going to organize the decorations and other things, if necessary, since I will not be able to be there. However, she was suddenly moved last Thursday and is now no longer at our property. Which means I am now scrambling to confirm details and volunteers and get supplies before baby arrives. I just keep telling myself "all shall be well." Besides, if there's no food and no money to pay the band, at least I don't have to be there in person to deal with it, right? (I'm just kidding, for any faithful volunteers who might read this blog...) :)

    The Expectant

  • We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jacob's little brother. We are not divulging the name until after he is born, so all you impatient folks will just have to wait. :) We are still praying that I will go into labor on my own. (Jacob always says, "Come out, soon, Baby Brother!") If not, I'll need a repeat c-section, probably at the end of the week unless we can change that.

  • Tonight is exactly one month from Jacob's second birthday. I am looking forward to his first real party with some of his toddler friends. Though he doesn't like large crowds or playgroups when there are kids he doesn't know, I think he will like being the center of attention in a room with familiar faces and family. (He really can be quite the ham! See photo...pre-haircut.) Plus, I'm thinking of making him a Curious George cake. He'll definitely like that!