Thursday, September 22, 2011

Support Slugs and Bugs

You've probably heard us extol the virtues of Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame and their kids CD, "Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies." But maybe you haven't?

We've known about and loved both of these talented singer-songwriters for years, but it wasn't until they turned their awesome lyrical prowess toward the kid scene that we realized they found a niche that no one else could do better. Hilarious lyrics. Non-annoying music. In fact, the tunes are quite catchy, but yet somehow remain free from the cloying repetitiveness of other music aimed toward the toddler set. And they share the love of Christ, to boot.

The first time we heard one of the songs from the original Slugs and Bugs album was at Andrew's Behold the Lamb of God concert in Nashville in December of 2006. I was pregnant with our first son, and I distinctly remember listening to "Matthew's Begats" and thinking that we should choose our kid's name from the lineage of Christ. Apparently, Gaines had the same idea, just a different name. (He won.) Anyway, during the "in the round" portion of the concert where all the artists take turns sharing their original songs before the Christmas musical is performed, Randall Goodgame began singing "Bears, bears, they got no cares. Bears don't drink from a cup..." I was instantly hooked. It was the beginning of a revolution in music written for rugrats. After the concert, we bought a copy of the CD and listened to it for the first time in a car with our good friends Chandra and Kennan. And we laughed our heads off. Especially at the not-so-subtle references to kids getting eaten by something (orcas, panda bears, a tiger) and the background vocals by someone named Anklejelly Jones. And since then, the refrain of "Tractor, Tractor" has been heard on the lips of at least two Redd children almost every day of their lives. Possibly a third. So far, he's inaudible unless screaming.

Last year, Randall produced a Christmas album and began touring the country in earnest doing Slugs and Bugs only shows. Among appropriate holiday-themed tunes, Randall included new verses to the perennial classic "Jesus Loves Me," which is a household favorite. But did you know that they are producing a third album this year? Oh, yes. And YOU can help make it happen! Andrew is back as part of the action and they've got a page on Kickstarter where you can make a donation to support the new album as it is being made. You can also check out some of their new songs! "Mexican Rhapsody" may be one of my new favorite homages, especially since I spent all those hours on high school trips listening to Queen blaring from someone's boom box.. And we te gusta us some Mexican food.

You can also check out Randall's attempt at a support-raising video here. Yes, he is that funny in real life.