Tuesday, March 08, 2005

mini movie reviews

Due to some cold and rain, we watched several movies over the weekend. As a public service announcement, I will now present my mini-reviews. I wanted to be cool and jump on the haiku bandwagon, but alas, I'm not that clever.

(Disclaimer: These movie reviews are for entertainment purposes and should not be construed as professional opinion.)

Scotland, PA: MacBeth, in a 1970's burger joint, with the title character and his wife as overly-ambitious employees? Christopher Walken as Lieutenant MacDuff, investigating the murder-by-french-frying of Mr. Duncan, the restaurant's owner and proprietor? Andy Dick as one of the three witches? This darkly-comic indie film is an interesting take on the Bard, but it was actually pretty clever and entertaining. (Though I don't remember Shakespeare using so many F-bombs.)

The Ladykillers: Remake of the 1955 film. Eccentric characters and some laughs, but not up to snuff for the Coen Brothers. Apparently Bruce Campbell has a cameo that we missed. Maybe the film would have been better if he had been more prominently featured.

Luther: It's Braveheart for Lutherans. (Sort of.) Overall, a great film, despite the obligatory "flexibility" with historical accuracy. I was glad they didn't blunt the force of Luther's Christocentric preaching. Well-produced. Good cast, although I didn't think Joseph Fiennes was fiery or burly enough to be Luther. Nevertheless, he gave a good performance.

Super Size Me: Well-made documentary. I appreciated how the film did more than just point the finger at the fast food industry; rather, there were several appeals to the role of personal responsibility in maintaining one's health. They even showed a guy who has eaten over 19,000 Big Macs in his life (averaging about 2 a day), yet is still slender with a cholesterol of 140. Still, the DVD extra features were enough to make me want to avoid McDonald's fries FOREVER. (Shudder.)

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