Thursday, December 15, 2005

Plundered again

Our office "Holiday Luncheon" was today, and we had a white elephant gift swap (after a tremendously tasty meal, I might add). This year, the white elephant rules limited gifts to new or used DVD's. (Appropriately, I was able to re-gift the same DVD I won in last year's not-limited-to-DVDs office swap). There were some decent films, including Monty Python's Meaning of Life and Spaceballs (the latter of which we already have), and then there were some real stinkers (I've never even heard of Mel Gibson's Tim!). After some treachery, I was able to steal a brand new copy of Pirates of the Caribbean -- from my boss, no less! But, it was not meant to be. Another co-worker wrangled the film from me just a few minutes later. Arrr.

I did end up with a copy of Elf, which isn't too bad, I guess. At least it wasn't A Gumby Christmas.

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