Tuesday, November 25, 2008

November Adventures

Because I am lazy and never got around to turning these into actual posts, here are some Jacob highlights of the month in pictures:

  • First ride on a plastic dinosaur.

  • Second year to see glorious fall leaves.

  • First opportunity to see a live-action musical: "Goodnight Moon," here with friend Judah after the show.

  • First haircut (!)

  • During...

  • After...

  • Feeding the ducks! (Again.)

  • Second trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Mommy & Me tickets are good through the end of the year!

  • First perfectly pronounced three syllable word: "bicycle"
    (Sorry, no video yet. But here's an extra photo for ya.)

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Book reviews, general zaniness, possible profundity, and hopefully a celebratory football-related post are all forthcoming after the holiday.

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