Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jacob!

Just two short years ago we welcomed you into the world, and now you are walking, talking in (almost) complete sentences, and memorizing your many books. You have been Mommy's biggest helper since Ethan was born not even a month ago, and we are so thankful for the joy you bring to our lives every day. You amuse us with your antics, frustrate us with your desire to do things "by self," but most of all you warm our hearts with your tenderness towards those you love, especially your new little brother.

We are thankful God gave you to us and that we get to be the parents to such an amazing little boy. You have turned our world "side-up down," and we are glad for the difference in perspective you give us each day. We love the way you notice even the small changes in your environment, how you like to sing and make "muk-sic," and how you are quick to make sure you've hugged us on both sides and given us a kiss before we leave to go on an errand or when Daddy goes to work. We praise God for small graces, like how you bow your head for prayers and always say "Amen!" and that you know the last word in each line of the Doxology and most of "Jesus Loves Me." When asked, "Who made you?" you say, "God!" May your love for Christ abound and may reflect His love more each day. You are a fantastic big brother!

Happy Birthday to our very own curious little monkey! We love you, Jacob!


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