Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Win a Waffle Maker

Here is proof that we once had one of these beauties. Doesn't Gaines' grin make him look like some sort of evil-genius chef?

In hopes of winning a new one, I promised to blog about Becky's contest to win a waffle maker. She's written 1,000 posts on their blog. That's cool. Us? I have no idea how many. Not enough, probably.

I just thought I'd share how our old waffle maker met its demise: We were unpacking supplies from the car to take into our latest Apartment Life brunch sometime in the fall of 2008. Suddenly, the waffle iron, which had been sitting on the trunk of the car for some thoughtless reason, fell to the ground and broke. I think Gaines actually tried to make waffles in it one more time. Sadly, it was non-functioning and those who came looking for waffles along with their breakfast casserole were sadly disappointed. And no one came to our events ever again.

(Ok, so maybe I made that last part up.)


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