Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thank you Mr. Anonymous Warehouse Packager

Someone should write a "Real Men of Genius" song with that title.

A few weeks ago, one Saturday morning, a box arrived at our doorstep. It was filled with goodies from I ordered about five items using a gift card from some reward points. Included was an OXO mandoline and a new easy-grip peeler, both of which I desperately needed to make my life easier (think: scalloped potatoes). Among the other things I ordered was a single 8x8 square metal baking pan.

When I opened the box, there was actually a separate, smaller box from the manufacturer that listed four new baking pans, straight from the original warehouse. It was still sealed. Sure enough, when I opened it, there were FOUR metal baking pans inside. Sweet! Free baking pans! (16 layer cake, anyone?!)

But, because I'm me, I actually called customer service and asked them what I should do. Part of me thought that if I ran a large warehouse like that, I'd like to know it happened. The other part probably felt guilty and wondered if they would somehow find out and charge me for them. Still, I had a hunch the shipping would not be worth the cost of sending it back. I was right! The lady actually told me, "It's your lucky day!" And it was.

Though I am grateful for the three extra pans, someone in their warehouse department needs to be a bit more careful when filling orders. The box I received clearly said that there were four inside. Since each pan sells for around $8, if a mistake like that happens too often the losses could certainly add up. But hey, I just got $24 worth of free merchandise and so I am not complaining!

The customer service representative actually made a joke about making me send them something baked in the pans to make up for it. Though it was an empty gesture, I might actually get around to making some cookie bars one day and sending them off. I'm that grateful!

By the way, I did receive everything else in my order and it is all excellent. I highly recommend using if you need anything for the kitchen. (They did not pay to say this, with baking pans or otherwise. I just thought I'd give them a plug because they are so nice.)


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