Monday, April 04, 2011

First Comes Love

...then comes marriage!

We traveled to Alabama this weekend for Gaines' youngest sister Erin's wedding. Her now-husband Kevin has already been like part of the family, since they have been dating as long as we've been married (almost 9 years!). It was appropriate, then, that all of us took part! Gaines gave a Scripture reading, I was one of the bridesmaids, and the boys -- well, they were bell-ringers! Thankfully they were escorted by their Daddy, who had to be up front to give a Scripture reading. Here is Gaines holding Ethan just before their big debut:

Saturday was the perfect way to send the Mohajerins off into their new life together; the wedding took place at Jasmine Hill Gardens, near Wetumpka. The azaleas and other flowers were in bloom after a week of rain and clouds and overall "lousy Smarch weather." Thankfully, the day was filled with glorious sunshine and we could not have asked for more perfect weather! (I suppose God answered all our fervent prayers!) Here's our handsome oldest son in front of some of the fauna that was arrayed in all its splendor in other parts of the garden:

Kevin's family is originally from Iran, and so there were many Persian touches throughout the weekend, from his parents' delicious meal on Friday night at the rehearsal dinner, to the incorporation of some Persian wedding traditions and delicacies at the reception. And I can't be certain, but I believe the chosen theme also has Persian ties. From the invitations to the bridesmaids dresses and bouquets, Erin incorporated peacock feathers into every aspect of the wedding. It was beautiful! The mothers and grandmothers' even managed to fit the theme, wearing shades of aqua, deep blue, and turquoise to match our teal bridesmaids' dresses. The most gorgeous and elegant array of peacock feathers, though, had to be Erin's dress, which was designed and handmade by her friend Mara. Here's a picture from the dressing room, where you can see a bit of her peacock-feathered "tail":

Apparently, according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, the peacock was seen as a guardian to royalty in the Persian culture. Doesn't Erin look very regal here? A princess about to become a queen!

Also, in Christian tradition the peacock is associated with eternal life and resurrection -- some link it to the mythical phoenix. Either way, it made for some beautiful displays and the English major in me appreciates the symbolism. There were peacock feathers in the cake toppers, on the programs, in the groomsmen's boutonnieres, and on the bridal party's shawls and headpieces. Erin is quite the creative gal and it showed in every aspect of the wedding!

We hope Kevin and Erin are enjoying their time together as a new couple. Before we sent them off for their honeymoon, Jacob had to "steal some sugar" from Erin! I didn't take many pictures over the weekend, but I am certainly glad I captured this moment!

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