Saturday, May 05, 2012

These are the Days'll remember.

Or, at least, these are the days I WANT to remember.

My oldest, who is five, was the first one up this morning. At 6:45 a.m. I attempted to read with him while the baby played on the floor. We just started reading chapter books and finished Charlotte's Web in a flash this week due to a bout of sickness. He was really being whiny and I couldn't tell how he was feeling. I tried starting The Hobbit, but it may have been too advanced for him. (Or maybe he just felt bad and so nothing was appealing?!) We have plenty of kids' books right now, but not many chapter books that I think he would enjoy. Maybe James and the Giant Peach? I plan to check out Treasure Island from the library soon. I think he'd enjoy the pirates.

Soon, middle brother awoke, in a bleary-eyed three year old way. He wanted TV. But, I would have none of it. Yesterday in the car we listened to Andrew Peterson's song "Little Boy Heart Alive" and the line: "Open the door and run outside, little boy heart alive into the morning light, into the deep and wide..." kept running through my head. So I tried to get us all to see how glorious it was early in the day, while it was still cool. And so we went outside. In our PJ's, nonetheless. Two of us were barefoot.

That adventure didn't last long because middle brother began clamoring for breakfast, and the baby, too. Bagels and cream cheese for all, scavenged from Daddy's work, leftover from a meeting. What can I say? We were out of bagels and they were there, so I encouraged him to take all he could fit in his lunchbox, which was exactly 4.

Eldest brother complained the entire morning, through breakfast and everything. Which happens sometimes and is to be expected, but I was going to have none of it at the table. I felt bad, though, later, after he went to the bathroom and had a horrible upset tummy. No wonder he was complaining, poor kid.

He still felt bad and wanted to stay in, but Mommy needed to GET OUT and get some fresh air. So, I left Daddy with the boy on the couch. Daddy wanted to take a shower, so there went the "no TV" admonition for the day. I took the middler and the baby in the double stroller for a jog. I'm only on Day 3 of the nine-week Couch to 5K program. It's only taken me, er, close to two weeks to get started. I was motivated at the beginning and even went to the gym two days in a row, but then life happened and everyone got sick. I was proud to just complete the workout today. It was hot. And there were hills. And did I mention I was pushing two kids in a huge jogging stroller? Yeah.

When I returned, Daddy escaped. He's finishing up a final paper for his class on OT prophets and needed some Starbucks. Our coffee maker (RIP!) died this week. We have yet to get a new one. Le sigh. Shower for me, more TV for the middle and eldest, nap for the baby, lunch, playing outside happened somewhere in there, and then Daddy called.

We loaded into the van to pick him up at the local auto repair shop, where he was dropping off his car. This was planned, b/c he'd been having trouble for a while. Off we all went to Costco, where all three boys fell asleep in the drive down to the store.

Excellent. Mommy gets to go solo! I picked up two cakes for a farewell party our church is having for some dear friends. Then, I proceeded to go down the list. I used to visit a warehouse store (BJ's, Costco) once a quarter, but this year I'm finding that a once-a-month trip is necessary. I keep a running list of items we need on the fridge, and it was a treat to complete it in solitude. It also meant more time for me to enjoy the samples. Picked up pizza and soda for lunch for Daddy, who was waiting in the car, studiously reading, while all three boys slept. We dropped off the cakes at church and went home.

Daddy left us again to get a haircut and two out of three were still sleeping, but when everyone woke up they all seemed to feel great. We had the most amazing little mostly impromptu water party in our neighbor's yard. Ok, so it was supposed to be in OUR yard, and we'd invited a few people earlier in the week, planning to set out the baby pool and the sprinkler, much like our down-the-street neighbor did for us last week. But apparently the spray nozzle on the hose on the front of the house refuses to come off (even our really strong contractor-friend tried and he couldn't do it) and thwarted our plan. So, our across-the-street neighbors (who were coming over and bringing a cool inflatable pool) volunteered their nice green grass. And I proceeded to bring on the people! (And the popsicles!) Two five-year-old girls, a five and a six-year-old boy, three more boys ages 3, 2, and 1, the neighbor's little 2-yr old girl, and our little chillin' Calvin, who is now eight months old. Oh, and their parents. Mostly the moms. Wish I'd gotten pictures, but I foresee more of these in our future!

Dinner was homemade hamburger helper. Because apparently I can only eat the stuff if I put it together. It was tasty, actually, and quick. Daddy left us yet again to set up for communion at church. Bath and bedtime was comparatively smooth, and I pulled out one of my old Childcraft books for story-time. Did you know that the 5th of May is also a national holiday in Japan called Boys' Day? Neither did I! Next year we need to make carp-shaped flags to hang in our yard honoring our house full of boys. Or maybe we could change it up and use a different animal. Whenever I read the Three Billy Goats Gruff, I pretend they are the Three Billy Goats Redd and try to eat them up.

We're still enjoying the 365 Great Bible Stories alongside our frequented and favorite The Jesus Storybook Bible. Tonight's 365 story was from I Kings, about Ahab and how he went to battle despite God's wishes, then tried to stay out of the sight of the enemy by dressing as a common soldier. Instead, a "random" arrow from the Syrians came through a chink in his armor and eventually killed him. You can't hide from God, fool. He is Lord over even the most powerful kings.

And now I think I'm going to go look at the SUPERMOON with my dear husband, fold some more laundry, finish preparing for tomorrow and all it brings, and maybe fall asleep reading about Bilbo Baggins and his adventures with Gandalf the Grey.

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  1. Sounds like a day in my life, except we have a few more baby dolls and princess rescues as we are one boy and two girls :) I remember Andy devouring the Magic Treehouse books when he was 4 and 5. And of course, Narnia was a favorite. Hope you are all free of sickness for a long time now!