Monday, August 06, 2012

Don't Count Your Pull-Ups Before They Hatch

So, I found this post tonight from November 2010:

Yesterday, Ethan went to the potty all by himself without any prompting. We hadn't even been considering potty training, really. We'd just put the little blue potty in the bathroom because he asked for it one day. He's been sitting on it sometimes, usually clothed but sometimes without a diaper, though so far there had been no success. So when I had to change him after lunch yesterday, he just sat himself down on the little seat naked as a jaybird and went tee-tee all on his own. We clapped and cheered and did the potty dance and I think he was as shocked as we were! Nineteen months old, I tell you! I love the thought of having NO kids in diapers...
Um, yeah. So it wasn't until about two months ago (age 3 years and 4 months) that Ethan was completely out of pull-ups and in underwear all day. We've had at least two kids in diapers or training pants for the past three and a half years. I don't know what we did wrong, but apparently that early indication of potty-training was a fluke. I thought it seemed like a long time that we had been potty-training, but I didn't realize it had been a year and a half!

Now, thankfully, he wears underwear like a big boy and stays dry all day. I even talked him out of wearing a swim diaper. If only he wouldn't wait until he has his nighttime pull-up on to do his other business! Every night, almost without fail, after bedtime, he will come running in to the den and say, "Mommy! Guess what!? I went poopy in my diaper!" and wait for us to change him into a fresh, clean Pull-Up before he goes to sleep. Sigh. One day, this will be over. And I'm sure I will be sad. NOT.

Update: Thursday, August 9 -- on his own, without prompting, our 3.5 year old went poopy on the potty! All by himself! In the middle of the day! YAY! Thanks, loyal readers, for understanding. I have to celebrate it somewhere... :)

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