Monday, January 26, 2004

Arrested Development the funniest new show on television. Usually we tape Fox Sunday shows in order to watch Alias first, but last night Alias was a rerun. We consoled ourselves by watching the Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, and tuning in to exploits of the enigmatic Bluth family. The latter has become a highlight of our limited TV viewing. Jason Bateman's character, Michael Bluth, is attempting to be the stronghold of sanity in a family of eccentric, jobless, and downright weird relatives.

Also, Ron Howard provides some hilarious narration. This is a good line from last night:
Jesse, recently dumped by Michael, to Michael's son: "You've ruined your dad's last chance at happiness. How do you like that, Opie?"
Narrator: "Jesse had gone too far and had best watch her mouth!"

Check it out. No, seriously, check it out.

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