Thursday, January 22, 2004

For some reason, quality music seems to avoid Atlanta. This fact is amazing considering the size of the city. Sure, the "big" names come through town, but for the smaller, indie-folk niche we've come to love, there's really no venue that consistently brings in fine folks like Andrew Peterson, Eric Peters, etc.

There is, though, one shining exception: Eddie's Attic in Decatur. They bring in quality acoustic acts of all kinds, sacred and "secular." Pierce Pettis, for example, plays there a couple of times each year. Other smaller but good acts, like Matthew Perryman Jones and Justin Rosolino, are known to frequent the joint. And thankfully, Sandra McCracken has gotten a recurring gig there for the next several months. She has played there before, and it definitely is a great listening venue for her music. Likely, her husband Derek, will be joining her for most of her gigs, as he did last night. They sound really good together. I like both as artists in their own right, but they are greater together than the sum of their parts. Sandra is a tremendous songwriter with an amazing voice, but she sounds even more impressive with Derek's harmonies and guitar licks. The show was great, and Sandra played several songs from her as-yet-to-be-released latest album. I can't wait to hear it!

But maybe I'm just partial because I'm taller than both of them. :)

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