Saturday, September 18, 2004

Front, back, step, step, out, in, turn!

Our feet are sore, but the sacrifice was totally worth a fantastic night "dancing under the stars"! (That sounds like a sappy prom theme...)

Under a beautiful sky that showed no traces of Ivan the Terrible, we grooved to a Latin beat, led by one very talented instructor named Jackie-- a fellow resident in our apartment complex. She taught us to salsa and merengue in a little paved area beside the main pool. Thankfully, no one fell in!

The "Latin Dance Night" was one of the most enjoyable events we've hosted in recent memory, and I had a blast planning it. We hung colored Halloween and Christmas lights on the railings, ate taquitos and mini-quesadillas, put chips around the rim of a sombrero, and used our large Coleman lantern when it got too dark to see the food. (That lantern has come in mighty handy this week! Thanks to those who gave it to us for a wedding gift. Sadly, we haven't actually used it to go camping yet...) But I digress.

At least thirty people showed up, including some of Jackie's friends who feigned ignorance to make us novices feel better about stumbling over our own two feet. Everyone learned fairly quickly, though, and we all had such a great time that we're already planning another one for a Saturday night in November. (Indoors, of course.) I can't wait. Until then, I know we need LOTS of practice. Hence the title-- her instructions are still rattling around in my brain. Must hit the beat...

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