Monday, November 29, 2004

It's not a myth -- I've seen it!

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we are quickly back in the swing of work and school. Rather than write out a complete blog on our holiday travels, I think I'll shamelessly substitute my sister's account, which covers many of the same highlights. Our events weren't exactly the same as hers, since (for some reason) we weren't invited to dinner with Mike's family. But that's okay. We did get to experience the dog mayhem, the tasty foods, and the samurai sword. We also watched Spiderman with my Grandmother and her brother on Thursday night. That was fun.

One noteworthy point at which our holiday travels diverged from Amy's was Thanksgiving dinner with Allison's extended family at her aunt's new house in Montgomery. Sure, I could talk about the cute children or the pony rides (!). But I'd rather talk about ...

The turducken.

Allison's aunt had a turducken for Thanksgiving dinner! Just a few short years ago, I was convinced that those things were a hoax of some kind. But now I know better. Much better. It was so awesome, stuffed with all kinds of breading, crawfish and cajun spices. I cannot sing its praises more highly. Unfortunately, there were no leftovers to be taken. But, there's always Christmas ...

(Amy, that's two consecutive plugs for your blog! I promise not to make this a recurring theme. Maybe.)

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