Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thanksgiving Wheels

And they were all in one...Civic?

Team Redd now has a new family car! I just drove home a green 2001 Honda Civic. Thank you State Farm insurance...and to the awesome guy who went to all the auto auctions and finally found this one for us. Woo-hoo! (It actually looks just like this other used Civic ...but, thankfully, was a lot cheaper!)

Today was also my last day of student-teaching until January, so I have double reasons to celebrate. Actually, I found out about the car while at school, so I celebrated with my students! They got home-baked cookies-- I got a car AND the cookies. (I think I got the better deal.)

In the spirit of the holiday: I'm thankful that because of that crazy wreck, we now have a car that has half the miles and is five years newer than the car we had before! I'm also thankful that I was forced learn to depend on everyone around me to get wherever I needed to be. I certainly got to spend lots of quality time with friends from my grad school cohort, and relived the summer days of riding with my dear husband to work. And...I'm thankful that I now have the time and the means of transportation to go to Curves again. After this week's celebrations, I'll need the regular workouts even more!

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