Monday, July 25, 2005

A Case of the Mon(k)days

The iMonk has some good stuff this morning, so I figured I'd link them for future memory (and to share the love).

Two links:

"The Problem With Church Discipline is Jesus" offers the iMonk's thoughts on church discipline, as spurred by Mark Dever's contribution to an ongoing Christianity Today discussion on the subject. Spencer's thoughts are really good, especially in light of the evangelical trend towards either downplaying or completely jettisoning church membership and discipline altogether.

IMonk also has a link to a fascinating article by Tim Challies on "Purposeful Interference." It's an interesting look at the marketing strategy employed to create the blockbuster success of books like The Purpose-Driven Life. The marketing strategy itself is pretty eye-opening, but more troublesome is the fact that a book explaining the strategy and its success (in mostly positive terms, to boot) has been inexplicably delayed from being published. Very interesting.

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