Thursday, June 29, 2006

Recent Reading (In Brief)

Very Good, Jeeves: Wodehouse, as usual, is a treat. Bertie Wooster, as is his custom, lands in the soup on numerous occasions, and Jeeves, as is his custom, comes to the rescue. Hilarity ensues.

Orthodoxy: How did I live this long without reading Chesterton's account of his spiritual journey? Wonderful book. Chesterton's wit makes the book quite an enjoyable read, albeit a challenging one.

Life, the Universe and Everything (re-read): Unfortunately, Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Trilogy suffers from diminishing returns as the series progresses. Fortunately, the third installment is still pretty entertaining, although not without a few weak spots. (I think I would have enjoyed it a little more if I had a better understanding of the bewildering game of cricket.) Fun fact: apparently, Adams adapted the book's story from an unused script he wrote for an episode of Dr. Who.

Living the Cross Centered Life: This is my first reading of anything by C.J. Mahaney, head of Sovereign Grace Ministries, and it was not disappointing. Although short and devotional-esque, the book drives home a crucial (get it?) point about the importance of keeping the Gospel of Christ and Him crucified at the center of our lives.

As I was reading, I did note an interesting snippet:

We no longer face condemnation from God when our life on this earth is over. Every believer in Christ can know that the moment we pass from this world and stand before God the righteous Judge, the verdict to be announced in our case will be "not guilty," by reason of the righteousness of Christ.

With full assurance we can anticipate and even experience that verdict right now. Our lives here and now are transformed as we live today in the joyful light of that day. We can live today free from the fear of wrath on that future date. (author's emphasis)

Anticipating the future verdict ... where have I heard that before?

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