Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Urban Village Vanguard

Another article about the connection between churches and the city worth reading, this one by Gideon Strauss.

It reminds me of what St. Paul Presbyterian church has done here in Atlanta-- a PCA church plant, they first met for years without a building, and then had the oppotunity to buy "The Abbey," an old, beautiful gothic former church building in the Midtown area that had been used as a restaurant for many years. This year, we attended an Easter Sunrise service there on the first occasion of a St. Paul's worship service in the new building. Now they meet there every week, and plan to use the industrial-sized restaurant equipment for a soup kitchen. They are engaging the city community through their church, with ministries to AIDS patients and the poor. As Strauss writes:
The primary contribution churches can make to a renewed vision in and for city neighbourhoods is by being themselves. Let the church be the church – and let the reality of church life find expression in the buildings the church inhabits.

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