Friday, September 01, 2006

Yellow Jacket Football Flashback

With a receiver like Calvin Johnson (cue angel chorus), the Jackets can make do with even a moderately-competent QB performance. But just in case Reggie Ball falls apart this weekend against Notre Dame, a history lesson might be in order.

In 1976, Georgia Tech handed Notre Dame a remarkably unusual defeat:
To this day, [Georgia Tech Quarterback Gary] Lanier is remembered as the quarterback who beat the Fighting Irish with a statistical anomaly that went like this: zero passes attempted, zero passes completed, zero yards passing.

As he travels around the country, speaking to alumni groups and raising money for Georgia Tech's athletic scholarships, he always gets the same two questions: "Weren't you the quarterback on the team that beat Notre Dame? Didn't you go a whole game without throwing a pass?"

Yes and yes.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that on Saturday, but honestly, a 'W' is still a 'W.'

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