Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Break a Leg

Usually, when I hear of "drama" in a church service, I get nervous. You just never know what might happen. However, I wish it would occur more often in local church services if this is the type of drama to which they refer:

Watch a dramatic performance of Hebrews 9 & 10.

It reminds me of Bruce Kuhn, who I first saw at Urbana 2000. He and two other talented folks performed the Scripture readings for each session of the conference.

If only there were more people using their gift of public speaking/drama to display the LORD's glory through such powerful presentations of His Word.

If I remember correctly, a drama student at BSC did something similar at an InterVarsity meeting after we returned from Urbana, and I believe some folks at our old church attempted something like this one Easter Sunday, using a gospel account of Mary at the tomb.

So, it has been done--just not regularly. Has anyone else had the opportunity to appreciate something like this in their local church?

HT to Barb.

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