Friday, March 30, 2007

Rain, rain, don't go away...

I can't believe it. Despite all weather forecasters predicting NO RAIN in our area until at least Sunday (including the ones at 4am this morning-- I know, I was up!), I just heard tiny droplets falling on our skylights. It's not much, mind you, but it has to be enough to wash off SOME of the thick yellow glaze of pollen that currently covers everything from cars to innocent pedestrians who walk under trees. We're about 7 inches behind the yearly average for rainfall, which is depressing. Yay for raindrops!

Jacob is 3 weeks old today, and this is the first time he has ever seen the rain. I think it might have rained the day he was born, but since we didn't see the outside world that day, I'm not sure if it wasn't just cloudy.

Presently, my beautiful son and I are going to curl up on the couch and enjoy the sound of raindrops on the ceiling. Rainy days I always wish I had a tin roof, but skylights are almost just as nice. The pitter patter of water hitting the roof is one of my favorite sounds, and always good for some quality reading or napping. I think I'll try for the latter. Is it raining where you are?

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