Saturday, September 15, 2007

In other news...

I am now officially a part-time English tutor for an online company! I was a writing tutor in college, and this is very similar, just in an online capacity. The job doesn't pay as much as, say, giving private lessons, but it is more than I made working part-time in college. Plus, the hours are very flexible, I can work from home, and I feel safe knowing it a secure, professional site and they value anonymity between tutors and students. I also like the fun whiteboard feature! :)

My release from educational limbo coincides nicely with the interesting pedagogical discussions going on over at How Kids Think (HT and Congrats to Kristen!). If you are a current or former teacher, or have kids in school, or just like talking about how we learn, especially from a Christian perspective, please consider joining in--the project will only last about two months. Plus, there are great incentives.

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