Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's way too early for stuff like this...isn't it?

Today, while shipping an eBay package, I saw a yellow one of these plastered on our local post office dropbox:

I've heard they are everywhere (at least that's what the interweb tells me), but this is the first one I've seen or heard about. Not that I'm even considering this guy or even know that much about him (though I do appreciate his pro-life stance), I just found it an odd place for a bumper sticker. Besides, isn't that some sort of defacement of government property to put a bumper sticker on a mailbox? What does that say about a Presidential candidate when his supporters are campaigning in an illegal manner? But maybe that's the point?

I don't think it will help him get many votes here, anyway, since I think that half of the people living in our zip code aren't even legal citizens and/or don't read English. (Last week while in the post office I had to help someone distinguish between the "stamped mail" and "metered mail" boxes--things like that happen often.) Well, at least it made my weekly postal drop-off a bit more interesting!

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