Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Packages from Eric Peters

...make me happy! This is to further complement Gaines' earlier post and encourage you in the awesomeness that is Mr. Peters' music.

Look what arrived in the mail on Monday:

The new album, called Chrome, releases next Tuesday, and you, too can own your very own copy by purchasing from the artist himself!

And, of course, if that isn't enough Eric Peters goodness for you, there was this little gem that arrived a few months ago. I received a most awesome birthday present in June -- a first-edition copy of Eric's first published book Revenge of the Birds (written in 1983.

Note the authentic retro styling. Here, Jacob was "reading" it to his giraffe. I personally like how this photo captures the groovy mushroom-patterned contact paper:

Enjoy all things Eric Peters at his website.


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