Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Takes

  • If you haven't already, purchase Eric Peters' album Chrome. It released yesterday. Listen to the title track!

  • Andrew Peterson's newest book, North! Or Be Eaten is also on store shelves. (Sequel to On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness). Look forward to a full review from Team Redd in September. Plues, we have an extra copy to giveaway!

  • Potty training in a carpeted apartment (hence, no yard to run around in without clothes on) has not been the most pleasant experience. I may wait a bit longer to continue. On a positive note, Jacob did ask to go potty last weekend while we were at a restaurant, and he succeeded!

  • Burn Notice is one of the most compelling series on television (or on DVD), despite the gratuitous swimsuit shots (which thankfully are limited). We can't stop watching! Bruce Campbell got our attention, but the characters, intriguing plots, feel-good vibe, and overarching narrative keep us watching. I'd describe it as Alias meets MacGyver with a bit of Baywatch thrown in between scenes. Definitely a show for adults, but so good. Why is it that a car chase is so much more compelling when the voiceover gives you helpful instructions?

  • Now Jacob's imaginary friends are in the form of "kids." No names, just "the kids" who like to hide behind the chair in his room. He often brings them gifts of toys. Yesterday, he said he vacuumed them up. I wonder how small they are?

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