Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So, the six-year anniversary of this blog came and went last week with nary a word from either of us. 'Tis a pity. I've been enjoying reading some of our earlier posts. If you're new around these parts (or reading this on Facebook) feel free to check out our archives.

I intend to make up for it by actually posting something, with the hope of more to come. I refuse to believe blogging, or even our blog in particular, is dying out.

Six years ago...

  • This blog was one week old.

  • We were in our second year as a CARES Team.

  • We had no children (yet).

  • Our blog posts did not have titles.

  • We were closet Calvinists.

  • We were completely obsessed with a particular JJ Abrams TV series. (Hmmm. Perhaps some things haven't changed!)

    We apologize for this interruption in our service and hope to continue to bring you quality programming like "what we're watching," "what we're reading," "what our kids are saying that makes us laugh," "sunsets, puppies, walks on the beach" and "deep theological posts from Gaines" (perhaps).

    Stay tuned.

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