Monday, February 01, 2010

Product Review: Puj Baby Bathtub

When I was pregnant with our second son, I got into all these cool baby items that were coming out on the market, one of which is the PUJ baby bathtub.

Last fall, I signed up to be a product tester and wouldn't you know, the tub arrived in the mail right before we moved. So, this review is a little late in coming. But better late than never, right?

I've liked the look of this bathtub since I first heard about it in 2008. Back then, though, it was way more expensive ($99) and didn't seem to be a necessity since we already had a clunky blue plastic bathtub that worked fine. Well, I might've been mistaken. The PUJ is one of the most unique baby bath tubs I've ever seen and would be a great addition to any new mom's wishlist.

Since my two boys are too big for this (can be used up to 6 months), I tried it out with a doll and also had another friend try it out with her baby.

  • The Puj tub stores easily. It arrived in a large, lightweight, flat box, and is only about an inch thick. You can hang it on the back of a door, like I did here, or you could slide it in a linen closet or even hang it on the wall of the shower.

  • The Puj tub is easy to maneuver -- no assembly required. Once I figured out which way the flaps folded, it stayed securely in place with magnets (which are safely covered). The design is deceptively simple.

  • The Puj tub cleans quickly and effortlessly. I wiped mine down after use and let it hang to dry. There is no drain plug to get clogged or dirty and no place for standing water to collect.

  • The Puj tub let me wash an infant securely. When using the tub, I felt like the baby was safer than in the infant tub/sling I used when my sons were newborns, because in the Puj there was no danger of them being covered by water. Also, it fits nicely in our bathroom sink and doesn't slide out or tilt at odd angles like my other tub did.

  • You can't use it with babies who are older than six months. Seriously! I liked it that much! I suppose at that point babies are too big and wiggly anyway and want to sit up, but it sure would be nice if I could just plop my toddler in something like this!

  • The only drawback I noticed is with an older baby who likes to grab things, the close proximity of the faucet might be a distraction.

  • The tub might not fit every sink or be right for every baby. In my friend's review, she thought that, "Overall, it is a very cool idea, but didn't work out well for my baby. He enjoys bath time when he's immersed in the warm water, but the Pujtub wasn't big enough to immerse him - so we'll have to stick to our bulky plastic bathtub." I hadn't thought of that perspective before, so perhaps that is another drawback.

    Still, I think the benefits of being able to quickly and safely wash a newborn in a tub that fits almost every sink would've been great for all the travelling we did when our boys were little. The Puj tub packs light, dries quickly and easily, and seems to be a unique invention. They are now only $39.99.

    Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at Puj's exclusive new website for baby bath tubs!

    Giving Back:
    Though this is not a reason to buy the tub, I did notice that right now 10% of their sales are going Save the Children in Haiti.

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