Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Not-so-mundane moments in May

May was mostly wet, with splashes of sunshine and a hot day or two reminding us that summer is near. We enjoyed our attic fan. We read stacks of books. Sometimes we went without TV for a day. Gaines finished another semester of graduate school. Hooray! And every now and then I remembered to grab the camera. As you can see, life around here is anything but boring.

  • Enjoying breakfast casserole with Mr. Eric Peters. Our Captain Adorable is his biggest fan in the preschool crowd.

  • Meeting Clifford "The Big Red Dog" at storytime. (Two celebrities in one month! He's going to be star-struck!)

  • Jacob's favorite rainy-day attire. He chose this ensemble himself, right down to the "lellow" boots that matched his "lellow" shirt.

  • While comparing prices for VBS crafts at Michael's, I suddenly discovered a swamp thing in my aisle.

  • Making a wish in the fountain at the Forum on a drizzly day. I hope it came true.

  • Ethan enjoying his first taste of pork ribs. One of our friends from church made some of THE BEST ribs we've ever eaten. Mmmmm. Carnivorous.

  • Jacob being a tiger. WROAR!

  • He went a little overboard with his tiger "costume". I had too many art supplies out in reach this month...

  • Ethan mows the driveway regularly.

  • One of our many tricycle excursions.

  • Front porch sitting is good for the soul. We like to greet EVERYONE who walks by. "Hello! My name is Jacob. I'm three years old!" At least our neigbors are friendly.

    See you real soon! More memorable highlights coming up shortly. Plus, an elusive "book review" post or two are in the works!

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