Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lil' Brudder has arrived!

One week ago today, our third son, Calvin Harris, entered the world at 1:48 p.m. He weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs and 9 oz and 22 and 3/4 inches long. See? The photo doesn't lie.

Not bad for being only five days late -- his brothers, both born at 41 weeks, weren't even nine pounds! I'm so grateful for the answered prayers -- he came all on his own without the need for a repeat c-section and labor kicked in only a few hours shy of a scheduled induction. In fact, his was probably the easiest delivery out of all three and he was the biggest by far! (I plan to share more of THAT story soon.) We are so proud to be at home now with our "little" guy, and he's eating like a champ already and figuring out this sleeping thing. Jacob and Ethan are enamored with him (who wouldn't be?!) and are very sweet to the youngest Redd brother, though perhaps not so much to each other.

Here are a few more shots from the hospital. This is one proud Dad:

I love this next picture. Look at this kid! So young, so handsome -- so much hair! Sideburns like Elvis. Big blue eyes. Chubby cheeks. So much to love! (This also may be my best-ever photo in a hospital gown.) Current nickname: Chunk-a-munk

Perhaps you are wondering about his real name. The middle name, Harris, was Gaines' great-grandfather's name, and we just liked the way it sounds. We've had this tradition so far of using family names for our sons' middle names and were trying out different ones for months. Finally, someone mentioned this and it stuck. The coolest part we found out only after the birth -- that Gaines' great-grandfather was actually named for the minister that married his parents. What a neat idea!

As for the first name's inspiration, I'll let you guess. Was it...

A) the imaginative and irreverent six-year old boy whose best friend was a stuffed tiger, created by cartoonist Bill Watterson?

B) the amazingly agile former Georgia Tech wide receiver, who now plays for the Detroit Lions? (given his size, this might not be a bad guess!)

or C) the famous 16th-century theologian and Protestant Reformer, whose best known work is his Institutes of the Christian Religion?

Of course, he is Redd 5 after all, and if we were true nerds, we might have named him Luke:


  1. Ha! I'm guessing C for sure.

    Glad everything went perfectly. He is beautiful

  2. Yes, yes. Of course it's C. You know us too well.


  3. Congratulations!! He is a cutie and his eyes are so wide open! Laura calls ours brudder as well. Too sweet. Redd 5...that's really bad... :)

  4. As we all left the hospital, we knew it was John Calvin, for your inspiration --- great name, and a lot to live up to.....

  5. I always love hearing how babies came to have their names. Once we heard Calvin's first name, it was not hard to figure out the source, knowing you and Gaines. :) A wonderful name!

    So glad little Calvin Harris is here and home and that all the Redd family is settling in well.

  6. Congratulations & love, love your gown!!

  7. Thanks, all! Katie, glad SOMEONE got the joke. Maybe only GT people will?! ;)

    Ashley, thanks! I actually won the gown from a blog sometime back before I had our second fits a bit better than the hospital version, is easier to nurse in (has velcro instead of those horrible little snaps) and makes me feel more put-together on the second day when I don't yet want to wear my actual clothes! Here's the website:

  8. Congratulations Redd family. Such a cute little boy. Glad all is well. I came here today to see if you had delivered yet.

    God bless and take care,