Sunday, January 01, 2012

Why I Blog: Because My Brain is Too Full

While trolling through old blog posts to try to remember what my life was like before kids when we posted over 200 times a year, I just read this excerpt documenting our Christmas travels circa 2004:

Highlights of the day included playing Nerf N-Strike (it has an interactive DVD!) with his young cousin (and almost suffering a concussion when he shot me at point blank range, while Gaines almost had a broken tooth when the little boy head-butted him). Avoiding any more near-catastrophes, we traveled back down to Montgomery to spend time with Gaines' parents and sisters and their dog. 
A few funny things:

1. That cousin we played Nerf with is now a junior in high school. His name is Austin and he also happens to share a birthday with our oldest, Jacob. This past Christmas, he tried to manipulate Jacob into telling everyone he was his best friend. "Who's your best friend, Jacob? (Say 'Austin'.)" Well, after some time of this he thought he'd sucessfully brainwashed him, so Austin parades Jacob out in front of the entire family. "Who's your best friend, Jacob?" Jacob: "Cole."  Mwahahaha.

2. Oh my goodness I am much more prepared for violence these days. Gaines almost had a broken tooth? No way! That was nothing. I did grow up next door to three boys and I practically lived at their house, but perhaps by that time I'd lost my adaptation to testosterone. It's definitely back, now. I've got three boys of my own! Head-butts are like a daily occurrence around here!

3. Both Gaines' sisters and his parents still live in Montgomery, though now each in their own homes, but I can barely remember that they, at some point, collectively, only had ONE dog. (Lucy, who liked to bite the UPS packages to make sure they were safe.) Now, his sisters have three dogs between them (Zoe, Chewy, and Cody) and his parents have Zeke, who probably misses all the excitement from our recent visit. See why we don't need a pet just yet? We can visit four any time we'd like!

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