Friday, July 16, 2004

See what homstarrunner does to me?

The new They Might Be Giants song on is catchy. I've never really listened to them, and it's sad that my first thought upon hearing it was "the harmonies sound like PFR." Anybody rememeber them? Probably not. Well, "Experimental Film" made me wonder what the rest of the new TMBG album is like.

Last night at Bible study, when we mentioned the Homestar video, some friends said they thought They Might Be Giants  had written some kids songs that were kind of frightening.  Upon checking out their homepage, I discovered this site. I'm not sure what to think just yet.  Check out the TMBG coloring book.  It's weirdical, man. And oddly enough, reminds me of a mixture between homestarrunner's children's books and their Sweet Cuppin Cakes cartoons, but much more deranged.

Speaking of, we saw a new building sign in downtown ATL on Tuesday night: "Homestar Mortgage." Gaines almost had a heart attack when he saw it. Add this to the growing list of reasons why we should get a digital camera someday.

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