Thursday, August 12, 2004

mmm, doughnuts

As if a reward for my miserable morning commute through the rain, the doughnut fairy left a present outside my cubicle. A brief primer on the topography of my office: my cube is in a fairly central location, so the bookshelves in the adjacent corridor become the de facto depository for all communal office goodies. Although convenient, this can easily become an unwanted temptation. But I digress ...

The surprise snacks presented an interesting choice: Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts, as BOTH were represented. I'm sure many, especially here in the South, would argue that the latter option need not even be considered. But, when it comes to chocolate-y, sprinkled-y or filling-y flavors, I think DD actually has the upper hand. Of course, not to acknowledge the unquestionable superiority of the KK glazed would be blasphemy. So how did I resolve my dilemma?

Simple. I selected from each box.


Update: In some sort of sub-miracle, the doughnuts were eaten throughout the day yet not consumed. The naturalistic explanation would say that there were actually multiple boxes left from some meetings this morning, and the owners kept depositing them. But, like the fishes and loaves, or the widow's oil, the doughnuts kept coming, often mysteriously.

Actually, I think it was more like the quail in the wilderness, since I feel like they are starting to come out of my nostrils. Ughhhh.

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