Friday, August 20, 2004

To End All Wars (?)

Just in case you were wondering, it appears that we have emerged victorious from the moth wars. We have discovered a minute number of insurgents this week, but it appears that, by and large, the invaders have been repelled.

Also, last weekend we jumped on the bandwagon and rented To End All Wars. What a great film! Gut-wrenchingly powerful in its portrayal of forgiveness, especially juxtaposed against the brutality of a WWII prison camp (Note: it has an R-rating for a reason, so be forewarned). I'm interested in reading the original book from which it was adapted.

And just so this whole rambling narrative coheres, I must note that we have observed some large, suspicious-looking caterpillars crawling around in the parking lot and on the sidewalk near our apartment. Innocent bystanders? Reinforcements? Who knows. But, as the Colonel in the film responded to the question of what he'd do after the war, I'm preparing for the next war.

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