Monday, April 04, 2005

weekend replay

Allison has Spring Break from student teaching this week, so we celebrated by doing very little of anything this weekend. It was refreshingly relaxing. Here are some highlights:

- Watched The Manchurian Candidate (i.e., last year's remake, with Denzel and Liev Schreiber). Not exactly a must-see film, but it was a good and captivating thriller.

- Also watched Ray. Between this film and Collateral, Jamie Foxx has come a long way from In Living Color. He did a great job as Ray Charles, and the film was very good. It was a bit heavy-handed in a few places, but the great soundtrack made up for those parts.

- Had lunch with the illustrious Trevor Acorn and his lovely wife Antonia, who were returning from a week down in Savannah, GA. We had a blast hanging out with them and got to introduce them to some of Atlanta's best BBQ.

- Watched parts of the Final Four games on Saturday night. If UNC wins tonight, I will finish 3rd in the office pool. Woo-hoo! Go Tar Heels!

- Read/watched a good bit on John Paul II's passing. I appreciated the comments by Doug Wilson and Peter Leithart, which were a much more balanced look than others.

- We had a great testament to Providence on Sunday morning. Our pastor was out of town this Sunday, and I was unable to coordinate with the guest speaker about the music for the service. Additionally, due to a mix-up, we found ourselves without a Sunday School teacher (our pastor has been teaching the class for the last few months). Despite all these disconnects, there was an amazing level of cohesion between our impromptu Sunday School discussion, the worship music and the sermon. And none of it was planned. God is sovereign, indeed.

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