Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Zoom zoom!

I'm not sure if management thinks morale is low or something, but we've been having a lot of "Team Building" lately. Not that I'm complaining. Overall, it has been fun. Yesterday, two teams in our department had a joint team-building afternoon at Andretti Indoor Karting (which used to have the more interesting name "Andretti Speed Lab"). Basically, it's an old Sam's Club that has been converted into an indoor go-kart track (two, actually), with a Fuddruckers and a wide assortment of video games and other activities (like a rock-climbing wall). After eating some of the Fudd's giant burgers, we raced. It was a lot of fun. The go-karts are souped up to look like mini Formula 1 cars, and they actually have a fair amount of vroom to them. There was a lame oval track, but we opted for the more challenging (and more fun) one:

I'm not entirely sure about how well the team was "built," since the race track brought out the competitive spirit, which several of my co-workers apparently have in abundance. I finished in the middle of the pack with a decent time, though. I was more impressed with myself for not busting, against the barriers or against a fellow driver. (I also discovered that I have an abnormally-sized head, since I had to wear the "Extra Large" racing helmet -- and I had some difficulty with that.)

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