Monday, November 28, 2005

All I Want for Christmas

On a lighter note...

Whenever someone asks me for a list, I usually have a poor track record of knowing what I want for Christmas. Gone are the times when I could sit down and flip through the HUGE Sears Holiday Catalog and pick out a long list of things for Santa.

To alleviate this problem this year, I've been storing items away in my memory (and on this post) in the hopes that it will help some weary family member with ideas for this year's holiday. (Friends are always welcome to buy things for us, but certainly not obligated.)

1. Anything from my Amazon Wish List. (A cop-out, totally, but it keeps growing every year so it never hurts to plug the books, CDs, and DVDs. Besides, shopping online is so much better than going to the mall...)

2. A double-duty cake plate/punch bowl. I've wanted one for a while, and know they are out there because a freind recently received one at a wedding shower. This one is by Williams-Sonoma.

3. A blue teapot. For the practical purpose of having hot water for tea/hot chocolate on the stove without having to heat it up in the microwave. Also for making Russian tea so the house will smell all Christmas-y. And I like the whistle. Oxo Good Grips Uplift in Dark Blue is one option, other brands with similar styles can be found almost anywhere.

4. Dansko shoes. So far, my favorite are the Professional Style Clogs in Cafe Embroidered Felt (pictured to the right). For casual Fridays and weekends, mostly. I like the feminine details combined with comfort. I've heard how addictive these shoes are, so I'll probably eventually want a second pair, like the Fran in Green Suede Leather.

5. Independent Music. Buy straight from the artist! I've wanted these for a while: Sandra McCracken's Best Laid Plans, Jill Phillips' Kingdom Come, Andrew Osenga's Photographs, and David Wilcox's Into the Mystery.

5. (On the pricier and harder to get side...) A pretty teapot-- to put the tea in when I have company over for a tea party (it has happened!). It's Wedgewood Strawberry & Vine, and was our "casual china" pattern. Why I never put this on my wedding registry I'll never know... I just discovered S&V was discontinued this past January, so I'm glad I have extra place settings! If you can find this, I'd be grateful! (I don't think I have the cream/sugar, vegetable bowls, or coffeepot in this either...just a heads up.)

6. Another pricier item, which is really for both of us but is something I'm very eager to have -- a digital camera. I like this one, but wouldn't mind the opportunity to shop around a bit more...

7. And as always, gift certificates for clothes and accessories from J.Jill, Talbots Petite, TJMaxx or Target, are also nice.
(My usual favorite, Petite Sophisticate, is closing. So sad!)

Well, I hope this has helped someone out there...I think shopping would be so much easier if everyone had online wishlists. God bless their inventor, whoever he (or she) may be!

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