Monday, November 14, 2005

Gridiron Weekend

Since Allison and I were both pretty sick this weekend, I ended up vegetating and watching more college football than usual on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Tech couldn't pull out the win against Virginia. After a miserable opening quarter, the Jackets actually managed to build up some momentum heading into and out of half-time. But it would not be enough. Even worse, our remaining schedule has us facing off against both Miami and Georgia. Well, at least we're already bowl eligible ...

On the other hand, Auburn eeked out a win over the University [sic] of Georgia. It is an indisputable fact that a Dawg loss is almost as good as a Tech win, so the weekend wasn't a total bust, especially since Auburn was the one who beat them.

And rounding out the action, Alabama lost to LSU. Normally, an Alabama loss would be the cause of celebration. However, in a rare occurence, Auburn fans were actually cheering for the Tide this weekend, to help their chances of playing for the SEC Championship.

Appropriately, this weekend we also watched Friday Night Lights, a decent flick about high school football in Texas. Not too shabby. Although, I think I need about a week off from football now.

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