Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend of Busy-ness (yet again)

Where to even start recounting all the events of the weekend?

I already mentioned the amazing GT victory over No. 3 Miami. Also on Saturday, Auburn claimed yet another Iron Bowl win after soundly throttling Alabama. It was a good weekend for college football. (If only Kentucky could have pulled out a surprise against the Dawgs ... yeah, right.)

While I was watching football, Allison was serving as team sponsor at a high school academic team competition.

Friday night we went with a big group to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. We had a lot of fun, of course. The jury is still out as to whether this installment was better than the previous one, but it certainly was fantastic and worthy of another viewing (hopefully in IMAX this time!). Expect more thoughts on this.

I finished reading Blue Like Jazz, and overall, I enjoyed it. I guess you can expect some more thoughts on that, too.

Finally, the entire weekend was overshadowed by the passing of a dear old gentleman from our church. Although we had been expecting it for quite some time, that anticipation does little to ease the hurt of the actual loss. The funeral was yesterday, and it was a powerful time of tears and laughter, reflections on the life of a remarkable saint, and the proclamation of the hope that we have in Christ. I'll definitely have some more to add on this, as well.

So, I guess this post is really more of a placeholder for things to come. I'd better get blogging!

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