Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Christ Church of Berkeley

My cousin Bart Garrett (according to this site, he's my second cousin, not third like I've always thought) is working with some friends to plant a PCA church in Berkeley, CA. Their new website is up and looks great. Nice design, easy to navigate. I pray God would use their efforts to expand His kingdom in the hearts of the people there.

And, even though we've met dozens of people who know or know of my cousin Bart, Gaines has not yet met him; therefore, he stubbornly refuses to believe that he exists! (There's some sort of parable there, but I'll refrain from making any connections...) It's a running joke now, but I'm sure we'll run into him at a family reunion or Thanksgiving, eventually... for now, Gaines can wonder if the website's home page photo is photoshopped or just happens to include some random guy that everyone says is Bart.

HT and thanks to Tyler for the link.

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