Friday, May 12, 2006

Holy Art, Trappist Style!

Many of you probably know that I have an interest in oil painting. In fact, one of the things on my daily schedule for this summer is an afternoon "art class," where I hope to spend most of my time on our porch, paint in hand and with my oft-neglected easel set up all summer long. I didn't think about it before, but technically, while painting on my porch (and using flowers and trees as my main subject) I will be practicing the discipline of plein air painting.

Painting out-of-doors, in nature, and on-site of the artist's subject was first practiced in Europe over 150 years ago, and now a group of painters in Georgia has formed an organization that continues that tradition at locations around the Peach State. This week, they will be painting scenes at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Ga. I would absolutely love to do something like that-- to paint the beautiful old buildings, trees, and grounds of a monastery or a cathedral. Perhaps one day soon, I shall. (Though not this week-- school isn't over yet! Only ten more days...I can taste summer already!) Besides, PAPGA only takes juried members, and they aren't looking for new recruits at this time. I'll just have to start my own amateur club. PAPMA (Plein Air Painters of Metro Atlanta), anyone?

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