Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Option B? I make you.

Last night, we watched The Rundown with some friends after a tasty meal. It's a fun, action-packed tough-guy movie starring The Rock as the hero, Beck, who takes on all the bad guys without using guns (well, mostly). In today's AJC, there is a story which could describe a REAL Mr. Beck:

Stephens said Autry had left his job at the Jocks & Jills restaurant in Midtown and was walking along Penn Avenue when a blue Cadillac pulled alongside and three men, one armed with a shotgun, and the woman jumped from the car.

"Autry takes off running, and they chase him. During the chase, Autry's trying to get into his backpack to get a pocket knife, which slows him down," Stephens said.

Grabbing the knife from his backpack, Autry managed to kick the shotgun from the man's hands and stabbed the woman in the chest, fatally wounding her," Stephens said. In the melee, Autry also stabbed one of the male suspects. Another suspect attempted to shoot Autry with a .380 pistol, which misfired, Stephens said. (emphasis mine)

I think this would make a great opening scene to an action movie. The lonely, helpless-looking waiter walks home after work and is suprised by three bandits when WHAM! They're toast! The ex-marine fights off his gun-wielding attackers with nothing by a pocketknife! Now that's a good fight scene.

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