Monday, October 02, 2006

Almost Perfect

This Weekend in College Football ...

  • Georgia Tech smacked-down Virginia Tech, 38-27.
  • Auburn eked out a 24-17 win over South Carolina on Thursday night.
  • Alabama lost to Florida, 13-28.

    Had U[sic]GA lost to Ole Miss (and the hated Dawgs barely scraped by, 14-9), it would have been a perfect college football weekend for Team Redd.

    GT did climb six spots in the AP poll, to No. 18.

    In Other News

    On Friday night, we drove up to Knoxville's New City Cafe to catch Andrew Peterson and Jill Phillips during their "Square Peg Tour 2006." Accompanying them were the inestimably-talented Ben Shive and Andy Gullahorn. Everyone sounded great, and the setlist was a fairly even split between Andrew and Jill, with a couple of solo numbers from Andy G. and even one by Ben. Plus, New City is always such a cool place to see a concert, largely due to the venue's ongoing support of artistic excellence. We caught the evening's second show (at 9:30 PM), which was apparently a bit more relaxed and intimate than the 7 PM one. This environment prompted Andrew et al to try out a number of new songs, which were great to hear. Andrew had one especially powerful one, about the complex nature of his relationship with his father, and the implications for his relationship with his own son. I love that Andrew can write songs with content that doesn't resolve neatly and easily; indeed, he isn't afraid to honestly yet hopefully capture aspects of life that are messy and uncertain. In fact, his shows usually embody this, with the amazing music punctuated by the occasional flubbed lyric, mid-show huddles to amend the setlist, and the frequent between-song ad-libs, whether humorous or serious. Some might view these as faults, but I enjoy these quirks which serve as a reminder that, as Jill's new album states, "Nobody's Got It All Together." Andrew (and Jill and Ben and Andy) make no apologies for clearly displaying their need for God's grace, and they then offer powerful glimpses of that very grace in their art.

    As always, if you have a chance to see any of these fine folks in concert, don't pass it up.
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