Monday, October 23, 2006

A Mouse Tale Revisited

This morning, I entered my room to find yet another mouse-- this time the poor fella was already dead. It was a big mouse-- so big that another teacher mistook it for a rat, but it wasn't THAT big and didn't have any of the ratty qualities to go along with his misguided assumption. [Side note: we got to teach our English language learning Vietnamese janitor a new word today: rodent.] That evil rodent must have struggled because the trap was moved out from behind the file cabinet and so I didn't get anything done at my desk until the mouse had been disposed of (it was also hard to eat breakfast with it right there near my desk, so I left the room). I'm not sure if the mouse died of starvation or froze to death due to the frigid temperatures this weekend. Either way, I hope it will be the last one I will see for a while. Why do they have to show up in MY room? Why can't they end up in a trap in someone else's class?

Speaking of frigid temperatures-- the nightly low is going to be below freezing the rest of the week here in Atlanta. Only a week ago we reached 80 degrees in the afternoons! What happened to fall? Those other mice better watch out-- it they try to use any of my classroom handouts or papers for making a nice warm winter nest I'll be hunting them down myself!

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