Friday, October 20, 2006

A Mouse Tale

On Monday morning, I arrived in my classroom at school to find presents from some little rodent friend on my chair! Too small to be a rat... fresh little mouse poopings and peeings on my nice cloth computer chair! Ugh! (Apparently, another teacher had actually SEEN a mouse running through the heating and air system after it is turned off in the evenings, and a second teacher found droppings on her DESK the next day. Ew.) So, I promptly informed the correct authorities that we had a "visitor" and within a day there were two rodent glue traps near my desk. The custodial staff person told me, "If you come in and the traps are moved, just come get me." I never saw anything all week, and had almost forgotten the presence of the friendly little creature after hours-- until today.

Imagine my suprise, then, when I arrive in my room this morning to find not one, but TWO furry little brown mice stuck in the trap near the air conditioning. I promptly screamed (they were still alive and wriggling and looking at me with their beady little eyes and wiggling their tails), then turned around, walked out the door, and marched purposefully to the custodian's office. "Two mice. Not one. Two. In my room. Alive. You certainly caught them! Please come get them before students show up." He offered to give them to me as pets, and I replied, "No, thanks! The science department can have them, for all I care!"

I later learned that those are not humane traps (apparently they can try to chew their way out, swallow the glue, and suffocate) and I'm not really sure what happened to them after they were removed from my room (I didn't come back until they were gone.) But, I really don't want to know. Hopefully, that will be the end of any presents on my desk. I'll let you know Monday morning.

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