Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's blooming babies!

Spring is in the air, and lately I've been getting lots of birth announcements and cute baby pictures in my inbox. I just wanted to celebrate by posting congratulations to my friends and family!

Belated congrats to my friends Sara and Stephen on the birth of their daughter Isabella on March 14th!

Congrats to my friends Jeff and Jamie Lyn on the birth of their daughter, Erin, on April 2nd. And happy belated 3rd birthday to big brother Will on April 8th!

Congrats to my cousins, Stuart and Carla and big brother Garrett on the birth of their daughter, Collier, on April 12th!

Congrats to our friends, Jonathan and Christine and big sis Maggie on the birth of their son, Jack, on April 14th!

Yay for babies!

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