Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pushing Daisies

“Emerson Cod did not like to knit in public, but he often left the house with the needles in his pocket, should the opportunity to rib-stitch a ski cap present itself.” --Narrated by Jim Dale in Episode 2

Pushing Daisies is my new favorite TV show. Inventive and clever, with witty dialogue, heartwarming characters, and luscious settings. Somehow, it makes death seem less morbid. Pleasant, even. In fact, one of the most delightful aspects of this show is the design-- a little quirky, a little retro, always colorful and bright. The backgrounds, sets, wardrobes, and style of Pushing Daisies exudes a fairy tale quality that I just love. The attention to detail by the set designers and stylists is amazing. I loved the retro cowboy sheet used for a ghost in last night's episode, the overly-patterned apartment of Olive Snook, Emerson Cod's jacket and shirt combinations, and the floral painted house of John Joseph Jacob's mom. Oh, and the storyline was good, too! It's a little bit mystery, a little bit romance, sweet, but not overly saccharine. Like a good pie.

I couldn't find photos of all the previously-mentioned cool stuff, but you can watch the first five episodes online at

In other good news, Pushing Daisies has been picked up by ABC for at least the rest of the season. Yay!


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