Monday, October 15, 2007


My calendar tells me that P.G. Wodehouse was born on this day (October 15) back in 1881. So it seems like a great time for a plug.

Wodehouse is an author that Team Redd has enjoyed over the last few years, although we certainly wish we had discovered him sooner. His fiction is a treat to read and definitely falls into the category of "light reading," though this assessment shouldn't be taken as a detraction by any means. Wodehouse's writing is wonderful, replete with snappy dialogue, amusing prose and memorable characters. His books often feature twisting plotlines that plunge his protagonists into one sticky situation after another. But there's always a happy ending.

Wodehouse wrote almost a hundred books during his career, so diving into his body of work is quite a daunting task. Based on my limited reading, I would heartily recommend the following:

Life With Jeeves, a collection of three books revolving around Bertie Wooster, a bumbling and marriage-phobic member of the idle rich, and Jeeves, his ever-brilliant valet.
The Luck of the Bodkins, a comic tale of complicated romance aboard a transatlantic cruise
Leave it to Psmith, the adventures of the cash-strapped yet resourceful Psmith

Additionally, the television adaptation of Jeeves and Wooster is fantastic. It stars Hugh "House M.D." Laurie as Wooster and Stephen "Harry Potter Audiobook Reader" Fry as Jeeves.


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