Monday, October 06, 2008

October Happys

1. Watching Jacob attempt--and finally succeed!--at blowing his first bubble all by himself! (I couldn't quite get a picture of the actual bubble, but you get the idea...)

2. Hearing The Weepies' music on television, even if it is in a Barack Obama political ad.

3. Watching the leaves on the trees outside our window slowly become tipped with gold and orange as the fall season visibly approaches.

3. Playing with my new Canon Selphy CP770 printer! Thank you,! (And no, it is not some fancy electronic diaper pail even though it might resemble that just a wee bit.)

5. Listening to old-school Bebo Norman while driving around town with the windows down. For some reason, Ten Thousand Days always makes me think of fall.

6. Being able to breathe again (and get a good night's sleep!) after weeks of a miserable cold.

And finally...

7. Georgia Tech Football's winning season. Let's Go, Jackets!

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