Monday, October 06, 2008

Polls? Who Needs 'Em?!?!

Warning: rant ahead.

So, nevermind the fact that Tech put the hurt on Duke this weekend, 27-0. (Sure, Duke is the perennial whipping boy of ACC football, but they're looking much better this year -- honest! They've already won more games this season than in their last three combined!)

And forget the fact that our star running back and our main receiver each had career best outings this past weekend.

And don't mention that our starting QB was out with an injury, so our backup had to play -- and he was named ACC Rookie of the Week.

Despite all of this awesomeness, Tech is still relegated to the "Others Receiving Votes" section of the weekly polling. Yet somehow, a team like Auburn is still in the top 25. Even though they have one more loss. And they just barely beat a team (Mississippi State) that we creamed.

Okay, enough ranting. Despite the lack of love from the pollsters, Tech is looking really good this season. We've got a chump game this weekend (Gardner-Webb), but after that, it's the heart of our ACC schedule. Plenty of opportunities to prove our mettle.


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